• Jones Pass

    Jones Pass, it sits just southwest of the Winter Park area.  It's not a super popular ride....at least I think it is not, but a few folks get up there during the snow free months.  For me, this was the first time to get up to the pass.....then hook onto the Continental Divide Trail.  You start at about 10,500 ft from the parking lot, then climb up to 12,500 ft via a jeep road.  Once to the top of the pass, you take a sharp left onto the CDT and you then traverse the spine of the Rocky Mountains.  Both Sonya and Yuki joined me on the free ride Friday.  No training today.  Just riding and lots of photos and videos.  When you are up here, you need to look around...not at a HR monitor.

    Jones PassRide the divide.

    Jones PassThe trail flows like a ribbon over the mountains.

    Jones Pass
    Not much grows up here.

    This video will give you a better sense of what this ride is like. Not much room for error in a few spots. The views? Speechless.

    All photos from the ride posted here. These photos where taken by Sonya and Yuki