• Posting just to post.

    Not really a whole lot to talk about. Training is going well. Have been doing sub 2 hour road rides and a moderate HR. Legs feel really strong and refreshed. I should be good to go for next weekends 12 Hours of Winter up by Green Bay.

    Other than easy rides, I have been working at the shop. It is total chaos. Lots of people coming in the door. Lots of road bike going out the door. Many bikes being assembled. Many repairs being sorted out. With the start of the Tour today, we will mostly likely start to see a new breed of cyclist walking in the door and inquiring about road bikes and such. That is good. I am always about getting more people involved in the sport.

    Tonight after work I am heading out on a road ride. Anyone and all are welcomed to join me. Send me an e-mail if you want to go. Thinking about heading out around 6 PM.

    I have had some poision oak or ivy emerging from my left leg. Pretty sure I picked that up at the 12 Hours of Thunder last weekend. Itches like crazy! I am almost certain I picked it up when I took a little spill while trying to fly between these 2 trees at an out of control pace. That'll teach me.

    If you are in my situation and don't own a TV, but want to watch the Tour, just come to Europa Cycle and Ski. We are going to have it running the whole month of July. Looks like my productivity level is going to go down hill this month. Must....watch....the....Tour.....

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    Lets see....what else is there....
    Weather is finally back to normal. This morning it is 55 degrees. That is better that the previous nights where it was 75 degrees at night with like 200% humidity. With conditions like that you are sleeping in your own pool of life juices. God, I hate full on body swamp ass.

    Ok, that is it. Time to get ready for a full day at the shop. Not sure if it will be crazy or not. A lot of people might have left town for the 4th. We'll just have to wait and see.