• The grand finale

    The race effort of the 2010 season.  Or, at least I think it is.  Giving the Vapor Trail 125 another go.  For me, this is one of the top events of the season.  How could it not be with one single loop that is 125 miles and gives you 20,000 ft of climbing.  It's a 'true' mountain bike race which includes everything that encompasses this sport:  singletrack, fireroads, hike-a-bikes, treeline, long days in the saddle, and night riding.  For 2010, there will be LIVE tracking similar to that used at the Colorado Trail Race.  Looks to be about 50 racers this year....which is a good number considering how difficult and remote the event it.  Unsure if all racers will have a SPOT tracking device....guess we will see come race evening.

    Top of the Sawatch Range in the Vapor Trail 125Too bad it will be in the wee hours of the morning when most racers get up here. Frozen digits are pretty much a given at 12,500 ft at 2-3 AM.

    The race begins at 10 PM on Saturday....and will take riders 14-18 hours to complete. Unlike last year, I am going in well rested. Every little ounce of strength is needed to have a good and enjoyable time on this brutal course. Crossing fingers for good weather this year. So far, the weather is looking good for the race days.