• Rest and Recovery

    A lot of rest and recovery leading up to next weekends Vapor Trail 125. The Vapor Trail goes down in my book and the 2 greatest event I do all year.  The Colorado Trail Race takes the top spot....then the Vapor Trail....then the Breck-Epic Stage Race.  Yes, the Vapor Trail is 125 miles....and a very hard 125 miles at that.  Throw in 20,000 ft of climbing and you have a very solid night and day on the bike.

    Today was a drill-n-chill singlespeed session.  Mucho respect to those that ride the SS full time. Better you than me.

    SSing in slooooooooow-mo.

    Looking forward to Friday, as a few of us are heading up to 12,500 ft for a nice little adventure ride.  Video to follow!