• The air up there

    Had a great window of opportunity today with the weather!  Coach had me riding high to start to get the body adapted for the high altitude racing that will be starting soon....and more importantly....the Colorado Trail Race.  With temps pushing near 50F at 12,000 ft and sunny blue skies, I packed up the Ergon van and drove up to Frisco to base out of for the day.  Really don't have to dwell too much on the details, the pictures do a fantastic job!

    Altitude trainingHeading to where it is white and trees don't grow....and breathing becomes labored. Might just throw up in your mouth a bit.

    Altitude trainingPassing by A-Basin...where ski season is still in full swing!  Skiers looking at me saying "WTF!?"....I was saying the same thing to them after they paid $20 to park their SUV.

    Altitude trainingSpinning up to Loveland Pass which sits just shy of 12,000 ft. Dicky approved for sure!

    Altitude trainingI am the only thing green up here this time of year!

    Altitude trainingGreat success! Yeah, the summit...and lots of snow....and more skiers looking at me like I shouldn't be up here until July. After I reached this point, I continued over the other side down to I-70....then turned around and rode back up.

    Altitude trainingNutrition with a view! And some rogue dude in the back ground in a flannel shirt ruining my photo.

    Heading back down.

    Altitude trainingPost-workout. Just throttled! My legs are shelled from the race on Saturday...and then what I did on top of it during this ride. I am whispering bad things to my machine which has inflicted pain the last few days.