• Race Report: Front Range 50

    Front Range 50Ah yes, the always fun Front Range 50.  This is basically the first big bang for the mtb season here in Colorado....especially in the Denver area.  The format is simple, it is a 50 mile race....5 laps on a 10 mile course.  It's fast...and more like a long xc race more than anything.  Heck, this race is only 1 hr from the house so there is no reason to skip it.

    Jeff Kerkove, 2010 Front Range 50
    As far as importance goes, this race has a very low priority on my season goals.  For me, it serves as a fantastic training day to go out there and rev the engine.  Don't get me wrong, every time I race I want to do well.  It basically comes down to risk taking.  This race has a lot of risks involved in it.  It all comes in the form of stuffing roughly 800+ racers onto a 10 mile loop.  Passing becomes an issue...and dangerous.  In my race, I saw 3 guys basically face plant while riding though high grass trying to pass a slower rider.  Sketchy stuff for sure.

    2010 Front Range 50 HR and Elevation profileFor me, my race went well from an execution standpoint.  Pacing was spot on and nutrition was dialed to give me a clean energy burn from start to finish.

    Overall my race was uneventful.  There were so many people on course, I had know idea who was or was not in my race.  So it basically became a 3.5 hour TT.  By the time it was said and done the promoters had me listed as 15th overall out of 94 riders.  Not 100% sure those are correct.  There are some guys listed above me that I know for a fact finished after I did.  Not a huge deal....not going to make a big deal about it.

    Time now to keep pushing towards the CTR...and the next race, the Gunni Growler.