• Room for 12

    Well, not sure if it could fit 12 people in it....but I bet it could.  Without a doubt, the growth of Ergon in the 3...now going on 4 years I have been with the brand has been out of control.  But, in a good way.  With more products and more events on the schedule, the need for a new-to-us used vehicle had come.

    Ergon SprinterSay "Hello" to the new Ergon road trip slaying machine. It is a used 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500.  As an added bonus, it is in mint condition with very low miles.  Talk about a find!

    Ergon Sprinter
    "Hmmmm, what to do with all this room?"

    Driving the Ergon Sprinter back to CO from CAI flew to LA on Monday in the early AM from Denver.  Once I landed, I got the van, then started the 16 hour drive back home.

    Driving the Ergon Sprinter back to CO from CADon't make any plans to ride in Moab any time soon.  Still lots of snow out there!  This picture was taken about 8 miles from the I-70 Moab exit.

    Driving the Ergon Sprinter back to CO from CAThe drive was uneventful...the way I wanted it.  Basically just gunned it all the way home...only stopping for gas.  Which, with a 26 gallon tank....isn't often.

    Tomorrow, back to regular scheduled programing.  Temps are in the mid-50F's all week!  FINALLY!