• Bahati is in town, lets go for a ride!

    Weather seems to always throw the Sunday training for a loop.  Today was really no different.  Seems each weekend we get an awesome Saturday...and then the weather on Sunday goes to hell.  Today was supposed to nice solid 4 hr mtb tempo with a focus on climbing.  Well, needless to say, all the dirt climbs are covered in snow....and the road climbs are being snowed on as I typed this.  Option B for today?  Complete the 4 hour tempo on the mountain bike in the required HR zones by tag'n along on the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling team ride.  The team has it's roots here in Ft Collins, and some of the riders are in town to do some wind tunnel testing.

    Bahati Team ride in Ft CollinsWe had a small group today...about 13 or so of us.  A few locals...the rest were Bahati team riders.  Behind us and out of the picture was Steve Owens and Rick Crawford of CPT in a follow vehicle.  Where were my hand ups?  Extra clothes? I had no support..;)

    Bahati Team ride in Ft Collins 
    Rahsaan Bahati tries to warm his digits.  40F is cold when you normally train in the LA area.  Notice there are no mountains to be seen in the background.  Mother nature is dumping snow on them.  We stayed on the flats mostly.

    Bahati Team ride in Ft CollinsLocal hammer, Johnathan Garcia, says....."What up boy-eee!"

    My weakness today was trying to push the mountain bike into the wind while riding with this group.  My HR would jump 20 beats at the front.  I spent 1/2 the ride tag'n on to the back of the pack.  I still had to work to maintain some contact.

    Bahati Ride HR and Elev. dataToday's technical data...HR and elevation.  The last leg when we went over the Horsetooth dams was a good kick in the nuts.  Of course we hit it going north to south.  That first climb is a bitch!

    2 solid days of training complete.  Feels awesome to get some good hard efforts in the legs after a lot of travel the last 2 weeks.  Next week looks to be super in the weather department.  hoping for some good drying action to happen so I can get on the dirt with the mtb...instead of the road.