• Spring has sprung?

    Finally!  Warmth!Looking at this photo, it could be 20F or 80F. I am happy to report, it was 60F. The sun never felt so good! It gave me super human strength on the bike today. OK, maybe not, but it is amazing what the warmth of the sun can do for your bike mojo.

    Finally!  Warmth!Leg warmers, long finger gloves, booties, skull cap, thermal jacket.....you can leave all that at home today. The exposed skin was all about soaking up the rays of the sun.

    What was today's workout you ask? Well it was 2 sets of 4 x 4 minute zone 5 intervals. Yeah, the kind that make you throw up in your mouth a bit. Lets just say, the warmer weather makes this workout a 1,000x easier.  The warmer weather sticks around for a few days before we get a rain/snow chance late in the week.  Still temps will be warm enough to get outside.

    'Bout time mother nature!