• PCP2P: The day before the race

    PCP2P: Day before the race spin
    Ahh yes, the day before the PCP2P. All is well here in Park City other than some darker clouds rolling in from the West. So far no rain. The team here is hoping for a nice quick shower, as the course is super dry and dusty. Today, Sonya, Yuki, and I all went our separate ways on the bike to do our pre-race routine. For me, that included about a 1 hr ride with some tempo and sprint intervals thrown in to keep the legs spunky.

    PCP2P: Day before the race spinI chose to climb up to the Silver Lake Lodge area of the course and check out part of the course. As expected, good singletrack and steep service roads....and views of Park City to boot.

    PCP2P: Day before the race spinAfter the spin it was back to the condo to hose off all the dust on the bike....

    PCP2P: Day before the race spin...and to compare digital photos from our rides.

    Pre-race meeting is at 6 PM tonight....then race begins at 7 AM on Saturday.