• Race Report: Park City Point 2 Point

    PCP2PMy race went super for about 40 miles, then the floor fell out from under me. Not sure what the deal was, as my pacing and nutrition was unchanged from similar events already completed this year. I was riding in the top 7 or 8 guys overall...and feeling super! After 40 miles I went backwards with no power to the pedals...and could not stomach anything with out wanting to barf or gag. I think I dropped roughly 15-20 spots in the last 30 miles spinning the granny gear...even stopping and walking. I thought I could ride out of the funk after 1 hr, but it never came.

    The course was tough...75 miles of singletrack. Some of it rough...some of it buff. For the most part, you were always on the gas and fighting the terrain. I can't think of another event that gives you so much quality singletrack.

    Slyfox giving out bank at the PCP2PThis is about the only good thing that happened all race. Cash via Slyfox...and his costume! Wish I got one of the $20's...and not the $1's I stuck in my pocket. Oh well, it was all good!

    PCP2P  HR and ElevationThe damage is evident in the HR file. Even the profile of the terrain was not kind. I will be back next year. The event is too well run and the quality of the course is some of the best I have ever been on. My final result was 11th out of the Pro Open Men....and my time was 8 hrs and 40 minutes. For me, I know I can pound out this race course in and around 7.5 hours.

    Now it is time to focus on this weekend's event: Vapor Trail 125.