• Topeak-Ergon has landed in Park City, UT

    Burning truck on I-80The drive was kind of exciting....kind of.....

    Burning truck on I-80FIRE! BURN! FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!

    PCP2P6 hours later we land in Park City and begin to spin out the 'car legs' with local rider, Nate Miller, who got 2nd at the Pierre's Hole 100 a few weeks ago.

    Riding through all the greenery with Team Green.....Ergon green.

    PCP2PRiding across the lower elevations of Deer Valley Resort.

    PCP2PBack at the condo after a 1 hour shakedown. Time for food and rest....and repeat.

    Yuki's secret weaponNow we know why Yuki rides so darn fast! His secret revealed.

    Tomorrow is another pre-ride and registration pick up. Then 7 AM on Saturday is race day.