• Tapping into the burn.

    XC pace intervalsHere is something I don't do too often....and that is intervals that mimic the start of an XC race. Holy moly! Two minutes of peg'n then engine....then tempo'n for 5 minutes after that tapped into an effort I have not done for a while. While the burn was unkind for the first 45 seconds....I soon settled into a man made novacaine that let me push hard.

    XC_Start_IntervalsThe intervals started with about 300 yards of flat....then hit the climbs of the foothills. Interesting to look at HR now at the ripe old age of 31. Pushing above 175 has me at my limit. I remember back in the day when I could push the 190's. Oh, how times change.

    Anyone loose a deer?Off topic....Anyone loose a pet deer? This guy was wondering along a road it town...and approached me as I rode by. Silly deer! Here kitty, kitty, kitty!