• Thinking ahead.

    2010 will bring a new focus. While the racing and events will stay nearly the same as this year, a new adventure is looming for me personally. I have proved to myself I can race a solo 24 hour race, a 100 mile race, a 100+ mile race, and a mtb stage race...and do well at all. The next adventure? Multi-day unsupported racing. Specifically speaking of the Colorado Trail Race. That is right. Nearly 500 miles on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. How long will it take? Not sure. Could take 4 days....could take 7. All depends on weather, fatigue, and mental strength. So the prep starts now for 2010 with the acquisition of gear....everything to carry me and my items needed to survive over roughly 500 miles of remote CO backcountry. For example, here is some tinkering in Photoshop on a possible bike setup...

    CTR Race Bike

    Is this how it will be? Maybe...maybe not. Still got to throw on 2 water bottles & cages onto the frame....and carry an Ergon pack. There are so many variables to figure in. For example....sleeping at 9,000-11,000 ft. One word....Brrrrrrrrr. Only time will tell. In the meantime...check out what I am getting into from one of this years racers.