• Silence no more

    Back on the horseThe silence has now ended. That was a darn long time with no update. A record maybe? Who knows. The combo of being sick and then working the RMBS in Denver left little time for my attention to be focused on the daily blog update. The same went for twitter and facebook. Well, now the sickness has lessened and I am back at it. Two hours today with some intervals thrown in to stimulate the engine. Looks like Topeak-Ergon is heading to Winter Park to take on the Tipperary Point-to-Point this Saturday. Some 28 miles of singletrack fun at 9,000 ft should be a good way to start off the weekend. For now, the week is full on Interbike prep madness. If you are in the industry...you know. At times, it sucks....but the rewards are well worth the effort.

    This just in!

    NEW Topeak D-Torq wrenchThe new D-Torq wrenches from Topeak. With all those ti bolts and carbon bits out there...these wrenches should take all the guess work of proper torque spec during bike builds. Testing report to come!