• Taint you very much!

    Okole StuffSo, like 2.5 months ago, I stayed in Breckenridge with Ron and Pua while I did some high altitude training to get ready for this years Leadville 100. While there, they introduced me to a little secret weapon that Pua has been using and developing for some time...I now introduce you to Okole Stuff. Yes, it's another chamois cream added to the already saturated "cream" market. But there is something different with this stuff....some magical ingredients...and don't ask me what they are....it's over my head. They gave me about a weeks supply of this stuff to use/test in one of my 20+ hour training weeks. I can honestly say out of 4 or so different creams I have used this stuff ranks up there as one of the best. The best part is there is no need to re-apply. This stuff lasts a looooooooooooooong time and I never had a saddle sore using....which I cannot say of any other chamois cream. I guess you can expect that when the person behind the product is one of the top endurance racers in the World. I think, if you are still searching for that magical cream....give the Okole Stuff a solid look. I was a skeptic at first....as I am with all new products....but this stuff is the real deal. Right now, it is available at a few select bike shops around the USA....or you can go direct to the source!