• Coffee coma kind'a Saturday

    August snow in Winter Park, CO
    Winter is never far away around here. While the last month or so we have been plagued with no rain and record drought conditions....the weather has flipped on us. Since early Friday AM it has been raining non-stop with temps hovering right around 50 degrees. Heck, in the mountains, races have been put on hold due to snow! The picture above was sent out by the folks promoting the Winter Park race series. The event for today is not happening because of the snow.

    So, I sit here wondering if I will get my 5 hours in for the weekend. About the only thing to do while it rains is tie up a few loose ends and drink a lot of good coffee. Come next week when the training hit high gear again...I should be well rested and ready to go. All focus is on the Dakota 5-O. I want this race...BAD!

    crap weather!It's a waiting game now. Tick, tock......
    Here is some good reading to waste some time.

    UPDATE 6:51 PM
    Was able to get out for 2 hours between rain sessions. Saddled up on the Rotwild hardtail and did some low intensity tempo along the rolling hills of Horsetooth Reservoir. If the weather holds off...it will be more of the same tomorrow...but for 3 hours. Crossing my fingers.

    Yep, this confirms it....it snowed!