• Black Sabbath

    Mtb on the roadYeah! The skies have finally cleared here in CO. Well, at least in the Front Range. Not sure what is going on up in the mountains. Maybe more snow, rain, and sleet? I bet someone has a good read on the high country weather. All the soaking rains over the past 3 days have pretty much all the trails shut down. So, it was back to the mountain bike on the road.

    Mtb on the road
    Todays ride was mellow. Heart rate was in and around 130. With the weather finally hitting a high note....everyone was out. These guys were not about to let me....on a mtb....lead them up this hill. GIVE'R!!!!!!!!

    Even Ozzy was out standing on the side of the road taking in the glorious weather. A bit too close to the road I might add, jeez. No zoom needed here.