• Rainy Day. Bummer.

    Hasn't rained for awhile. Looks like it is going to rain all day. Maybe, I'll be able to get out later to get my workout in. Plan of attack tonight is do do some climbing drills at Look Out Park Hill to get ready for 24 Hours of Afton. Rumor on the street right now is that there are 71 solo racers and 41 teams. Insane! Afton is going to be rock'n this year. I cannot wait!

    There will be no group ride tonight for me mostly because I have the podcast interview at 6:30. Should be interesting to say the least. Who knows what messed up questions Tim will throw at me. You can check it out HERE in the coming days. If you have any questions for Tim to ask me, post a comment HERE.

    So this year, I can say that my recovery from events has be unmatched to previous years. This is mostly due to the folks at Recover-Ease. Well, now they have raised the bar and come up with a supplement that will give you that extra kick in the pants when you need it. Say hello to EnerG-Ease. I just received this product yesterday, so stay tuned for results. If it is anything like Recover-Ease it should all be good.

    Don't forget, this weekend is the GTDRI. Ride starts at 6 AM on Saturday. I am currently planning on riding what I can so I can get back in time for work a the shop. I will take pictures!

    Did you know...
    That most people that Google for "Cannondale 2007" and "Ergon" land here. Cool!

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