• Coming Soon...

    Riding the last few days...and for the weekend has been low key. Short staff at the shop with the Trek show coming up, and the sudden emergence of wet weather has made for short and too the point rides. Yesterday I was able to get out for about 1.5 hours and spin the legs and do a few hill efforts. Legs were not very spunky.

    Saturday I am running the shop with most of the staff heading to WI for the show. Right now I am planning on hitting up the early hours of the GTDRI. Weather and and my "want" to get out of bed at 5 AM will be the deciding factor.

    Sunday is already layed out for me...INTENSITY! Either a ride to camp for some off road fury, and a road race like effort to Parkersburg via some hilly ass gravel Once again, rain will be the decising factor. Riding the wet trail at Camp would be a no-no.

    Next weekend is 24 Hours of Afton. Rumor on the next as of yesterday is there are 71 solo racers! WOW! Also looks to be 41 teams showing. Afton is a low key event that looks to have gone "big time" for 2006. Should be cool to see the field. No sure who is coming. I know they will be at Afton. Will you?

    After Afton....
    Yeah, I am planning to do the Iowa 24 the following weekend.
    Bad idea? Maybe.
    Can I recover in time? Hopefully.
    Will it be a true test of mind, equipment, and body? Hell yes!
    The Iowa 24 will be a "that week" decision. Lets see if it can be done. It's going to be very, VERY tough. Forgot to mention I will be flying unsupported for the most part....unless someone steps up to crew.

    Did my first ever podcast interview last night with Tim "I am taking over the net" Grahl from the Crooked Cog Network. Pretty cool, what he has done the past few years with his sites. Talk about total internet domination in the cycling world! I highly suggest checking out the sites. Make sure you check out the Mother site....Blue Collar Mountain Bike.

    This is too funny! Spin. Don't mash.

    That's all for now. More later............................maybe.