• 28 mph.

    That was my magic speed on the group ride on Tuesday night. I could peg it right at 28 mph, but I could not go any faster...and hold it. So any attempt at trying to break away didn't last long before the group caught back up shortly there after. Had a close call with a stupid driver tonight. The group was cresting a hill when a semi pulling a dirt moving machine cut it close. Close enough to feel the heat off the engine. The pace went from about 30 mph to 19 mph in the matter of seconds as we just kind of all sat up in awe of what just happened.

    One thing I was happy with was leg speed. That is good, cause in order to do well at the 24 Hours of Afton leg speed must be snappy and quick. The thought process going into Afton is very simple and to the point: You mash, you die.

    Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.

    Here are the total stats which included the group ride and the pre-spin before the ride...
    Ride Time: 3 hrs, 19 min, 59 sec.
    Distance: 61.54 miles
    Average Speed: 18.4 mph
    Max Speed: 34.4 mph

    Recovery spin is in order for tomorrow. Buchanandale should have a more indepth write up from the ride.