• Dysart Rd.

    Rock'd it South of Waterloo down to Dysart on Dysart Rd. This is a great training road only on the weekends when the traffic is low. Lots of rolling hills make this primo training ground for the roadies and mtbers alike. 25 miles down...then 25 miles back. Simple as that! Here are a few pics. Buchanandale even shows the proper way to change a flat on the road.

    And now....Changing a flat with Buchanandale.

    First body slam the bike to the ground and curse at it. Don't be afraid to say..."Who's your Daddy!"

    Then remove the flat tire from the down bike and check for foreign objects. Still keep a threat'ing tone in your voice while searching for the item.

    Insert tire lever in between rim and tire. Make sure to yell in a voice of steroid rage..."I'm HUGE!" to help with the strength needed to achieve tire removal.

    Remove new tube from seat pack and whisper sweet word to it in hopes of not getting another flat. Install tube into tire and install on rim. Inflate to max PSI.

    Need a hand pump to get up to 120 PSI. Look no further than the Crank Bros. Power Pump Alloy. WORD.

    Back on the road near Hickory Hills.

    Climbing in Iowa? What?

    Going Doooooown.

    See the haze? The humidity is sit'n about 80%.

    Leaving Dysart. 25 miles down. 25 to go.

    Buchanandale does his RAAM impression while singing "All by myself."

    Here are the final stats from todays ride...
    Time: 2 hr, 50 min, 9 sec.
    Distance: 54.07 miles
    Average Speed: 19.1 mph
    Max Speed: 35.6 mph