• Race this weekend...what's next?

    Weather is shapping up nicely for B.O. 12 Hour. Looks like it might be a bit warm, but that is not much of a huge deal. As long as I keep the water flowing into my body during the week along with electrolyte intake I should be OK. I am pretty excited to race a different venue and race against different people. This will be my first time racing in Nebraska in like 5-6 years. I did the Ponca XC race back inthe day and it was a good course. I expect the same this Saturday night under the stars of SE Nebraska.

    After this race, I head into June. This month is all balled up in terms of racing. There are a lot of good races, but they required huge amounts of travel. I am trying to get to this Granny Gear event. Or maybe head out West to see Boris and the E100 12 Hour. Not sure yet. Hell, I might just have to stay local and hit up some of the WEMSeries events. Financial support is what all of these event come down to. I am finding myself staring at this calander at RIDE 424...choices, choices, choices.

    Yesterday, I did some light riding. About 90 minutes on the Six13 and high RPM and low HR. Tonight I am going to go to the road group ride and get in a few efforts and then sit in. Wednesday will be more light riding, and then on Thursday I will thow in a hard 15-18 minute mtb TT. Friday/Saturday is a travel day.

    Where do I race? I need a 24 before Nationals at the end of July.

    Speaking of racing. Sloane did his first 24 hour of the year in Italy. Word on the web is that he was in first at 9 PM. Results should be here soon.