• Getting things squared away.

    Last night was a great group ride. We had a good turn out, and there was some great efforts. Even had some new folks show up and put in a great showing. For me, I felt pretty good. I spent most of my time in the lead group which consisted of J Fry, Super Dave, and Kisch. All of those guys are riding well for not putting in a ton of saddle time. For me, I got in the efforts that I needed to keep the legs in "good-to-go" mode for the Saturday nights 12 hour of fun in the dark.

    I think I finally have my June...and 06 race schedule set. It's hard to set a schedule in adavance do to working full time. Yes, I still work full time for those of you who think all I do is ride and race. So for June things are looking like this...Ponca Marathon on June 10 and the 12 Hours of Metro on June 24. This is all prep for a good result at the end of July at Nationals. I would like to hit up a 24 during June, but travel will not allow. Most events are a 2 day drive each way.

    Starting in July my 24 hour season will be in full force. Events that I am planning on getting into are 24 Hours of Afton, Kona 24, and Landahl 24. Then provided I am functioning like a normal person, I will see where the rest of the season goes.

    Time for some Oats.