• Interbike...some photos


    I flew from Cedar Rapids, IA to Chicago...then to Vegas. This is waiting to take off from O'Hare. Out of the picture is the bagage nazi slamming bags into the bottom of the plane. Thank god my bags are in the over head compartment.


    It was a full flight. I had an Italian couple from Chicago heading to Vegas for the first time sitting next to me. They were prepared, cause they had the "Unofficial Guide to Vegas" with them, and a book of "The Must Visit Buffets"


    Once I got to Vegas I was meeted by Val of ELETE (black shirt). He is one of the master minds behind this stellar product. Also a super nice guy.


    This is Gardie Jackson from Park City, UT. He is on a pro road team that is sponsored by ELETE. I think the name of the team was soomething like Heathy Choice ELETE Cycling Team. This dude is full of crazy energy. He is non-stop go go go. Also one of the coolest and nicest guys on the planet. He has an addiction to the Boston Red Sox. He needs therapy. It's a sickness. He told me not to do this, but I am going to....nice hair pretty boy!
    Sager, if you read this blog, he wants to hook up to pound some miles.


    I roomed with Gardie during the duration of my time in Vegas. Here is the kick ass view out our 6 floor window. It takes my breath away.


    While the show was going on we would work in 3 hour shifts. 3 hours on...3 hours off. There were a bunch off different atheletes working. Endurance racer Sandra Tomlinson from the East Coast and members of the womens Bicycle John's Team out of Cali. The booth for ELETE was 10 x 10. Next year it will be huge...maybe 20 x 20. Why? Cause so many people stopped by that used the product and where praising it...then placing orders. Lots of international distributor swung by and want to start carrying the product.


    When I wasn't at the booth I was out talking to sponsors. Giving them thanks, and seeing what is new for '06. Here is a so-so picture of the 100% carbon rim on the new disc mnt bike wheels from Cole. Cole wheels where HOT at the show this year. You might start seeing them on 2006 and 2007 model year bikes. For example...Ellsworth.


    Another so-so picture.


    The new Ergon twist shift grip. Ergon is planning on some new products in late 2006 and early 2007.


    Just for Carl...It's Jan's bikes!
    Sorry, buddy, they wouldn't fit in my Timbuk 2 bag.


    Later was the Giant Bicycle Happy Hour. Beer and Red Bull was flowing like a fine wine. And Communications Manager Andrew Juskaitis was pump'n out the tunes.


    Met this guy from San Fran, CA. He's cool. He was a tri-geek and he's trying to back into it. He and his bud are getting readdy to open a bike shop. He told me that he drank beer with Metallica back in the day. Can this guy be any cooler?


    Monkeytron even stopped by. Tara insisted that she sign the monkey. Here is her quote..."I have never sign'd anyones monkey before." That got a lot of guys to look over her way. Behold the power of the monkey.


    Adam Craig and Monkeytron got alittle weird. It was all good.
    I saw Tom Danielson wandering around the show floor. He was always tied up with folks. A Monkeytron picture would have been great. The Real Joey Thompson would have dug it.


    To top it off, Monkeytron hung out with the King himself!

    So that was Vegas in a nut shell. More to come later when I feel like sitting in front of the computer. Right now I need some bike time, and some design work finished up.

    Oh! Thanks to the guys at Blue Collar for getting me and G-Ted T's. I hung out with them in the Vegas airport for like 2 hours shoot'n the breeze before we had to catch our flights. You guys rock!

    This week will be fast and furious. On the 5th I fly to Japan for a 24 hour race. The last of the year. Then it is time to start focusing on the 2006 season.