• The week ahead & the endurance meeting.

    I think I am back into my normal day to day ways of life. Today was the first time in like 5 days that I have not eaten at a buffet. I like being able to eat normal size portions of food. Feeling like I have to get my moneys worth sucks. Yesterday, I got home around 10:30. I checked e-mail, and ate a little grub. I laid down in bed to scope the new Giant and Maxxis Catalogs. 5 minutes later I was sleeping. I slept till 6 pm. I woke up. Ate a hummus sandwich. At 7:00 I fell back to sleep and woke up today at 7 AM. Whoa! That's a lot of Zzzzzz's. Thing is, I feel like a million bucks now.

    This AM I went for a 2.5 hour mnt bike ride. I hit up all the singletrack in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls city limits. I was gun'n pretty hard. The legs felt good, so I pushed it. I need to get some more rides in on Monday and Tuesday. Cause on Wednesday I fly out for Japan for the 24 hour event.

    Today I had to work. It was pretty slow. My day was made when I got to work, and my new shoes from Salomon finally showed up. These shoes rock! Will be great for the winter commute via la human power...and maybe some dirty trail running.

    Remember how I said that I hung out with the guys from Blue Collar. Yeah, here is a picture from the Vegas airport of Tim and myself. God, we both look tired. Rock-n-Roll forever? Buddy?

    People have been asing about the Endurance Meeting that took place during Interbike. Well, there was like 6 of us...Mike Curiak and his friend, Myself, Chris Kostman who runs the Furnace Creek 508, Mathew Lee, and Ride 424 creator Karl Etzel. Not as much went down as you would think. We discussed Trans-Iowa. I threw out the ideas G-Ted presented to me. THey were all pumped. Mike Curiak said that in 2006 he will have 2 races...the Kokopeli Race and The Grand Loop. The Grand Loop is a remote wilderness race that is 350 miles. We also, came to a group conclusion that Karl's Ride 424 is going to be the go to place for anything endurance racing. The site is going to become huge and more like a data base. Kostman owns a bunch of web space and he is planning on using it to make Ride424 a MTBR like site. It will have lots of info and specs on just about any endurnace race in the world.

    Question for all of you out there....
    Can CO2 and Chain lube fly on a plane? Just curious if I need to pack these items, or pick them up in the land of the Rising Sun.

    The rest of the week will be short and go alittle something like this...work, ride, sleep, pack, drive, fly.

    More to come.