• Interbike...Part III

    Things are winding down. People are standing around shooting the breeze, and consuming the frothy beverage. It has been an awesome trip, but a long trip. ELETE is rip'n it up. People are hearing the good word and placing big orders. That's cool!! I firmly believe in this product and back it 110%. Good people + Good Company = Happy Customers

    I am pretty much done working the booth. I will help tear it down, then head to the airport at 9:30 to catch my 11:40 flight back to Chi-town. Hope I can get some Zzzzzz's on the flight, so I can get some bike time in these next few days. Hard to believe that next Firday I leave for Japan. WOW!

    I saw some more sweet products today. One that I have been waiting for, for along time is Hammer/E-Caps came out with a nutrition bar. It tastes great, and is filling. Best part is that it is only 220 calories, and low on the fiber. ETA for this product to be available to the public is Mid-October.

    Over at Tifosi they have a ton of new shades, and colors. Also have some shades that the lenses changes color based on the light conditions. THat is sweet. No more need to switch out lenses anymore. ALso have a set of Pink shades inspired by the pink panther herself....Heather Mosely. See the link in the side bar.

    Last night was a Giant Bicycle Happy Hour. Lots of cool people! Beer consumed...but not by me. I have some Monkeytron pictures that will make you laugh your azz off. Stay tuned for the pictures tomorrow.

    Ran into the Blue Collar guys...coooooool dudes. They have their heads on straight. The link to their site is in the sidebar.

    Ok, I need to jet out. People are waiting to use this computer.