• I am not ready yet.

    I am not ready yet to get off the bike. Riding this time of year is just too much fun. The trails around here are finally clear of weeds, so pretty much every single ounce of trail in the area is ride'ble. Now, with this talk of an endurance race taking place within the city limits of Waterloo there is some new trail rearing its head. Is a race of this nature possible? Yep. There is plenty of fast singletrack. Keep enough trail in the event and you could have about 40 minute laps. In my mind...as a solo racer...keep the laps between 40 and 60 minutes long and you'll keep the interest of the people racing.

    This AM The Swiss National Champ....er...Carl and myself hit up a lot of the trail in George Wyth State Park. From what he showed me, and with a bit more man power, there could be one sweet loop to race on for this proposed enduro event. JY, I am willing to help cut some trail. Now is the time of the year. So, contact me fool.

    Our ride was pretty simple. 2 hours of riding to ride. Felt good. Carl should have some pictures up on his site. We even came across a deer that had a drinking problem. I think this deer habit may have led him to do the unthinkable. Carl should have a picture up. Check it out.

    Time for work.

    I thought we as humans were supposed to rest on Sunday, or atleast not go to work and spend the entire day sitting around. Or atleast in my case...riding a bike