• Here's the plan

    It has begun! Trans-Iowa V.2 is officially in full force. I am starting to get things lined up. Contact Hawarden....CHECK! Contact Decorah....CHECK! Prepare the sponsorship proposals for the event....CHECK! Oh, Joy. The fun that goes along with putting on a race of such epic status. I sure hope more than 9 freeks finish this death march come the end of April. Do you think you have the metal to suck it up and finish? Check out the website over the next few months as things become a bit more...clear.

    What else is there...
    I am finally over this cold for the most part. There is no longer the need to stuff meds down my pie hole to help with the symptoms. Pretty much all that resides within my body is a bit of a stuffy nose. Oh well, I can deal with that. I think I can finally get back to walking to work.

    Had a brief phone call with Sloane last night. I say brief, cause as soon as I started talking with him it got busy at the shop. So I had to break it off early. Sorry Sloane! We chatted about next year and a few other top secret items. Next year should be interesting for the team.

    Speaking of next season...
    I am currently in my transition between seasons. Little to no riding till I start becoming a gym rat in early to mid-November. Once I am in the gym I will start with my 1st phase of weight lifting and non-bike cardio. Hard to believe that the roller sessions will begin in about 2 months. The racer culture here in CF/Waterloo is pretty lucky cause we had indoor structured group roller workouts twice a week till the snow melts. Once April comes around the 2006 season will begin.

    Time to get back to working on Trans-Iowa.