• Random-ness for your soul

    Yesterday was a busy day, even though all I did was stay home...walk to work...work at work...and walk home. It's the stuff that took place while doing these things that took some time.

    Lets start with the AM.
    Tuesday morning I started the underground marketing for Trans-Iowa V.2. Yep, I said underground. The voice in a public forum is very powerful. So with that in mind I hit up some of the more popular internet forums on MTBR and Dirt Rag. I gave people a brief taste of what the event is all about. Then I left it up to them to further their interests by going to the T.I. website. Lets just say that the counter on the T.I. website is off the hook! People are interested. I have the e-mails from yesterday to prove it. V.2 is going to be epic this year.

    Later in the morning I started working on a sponsorship proposal to send to different industry insiders to send out via e-mail. Last year we had more than enough prizing to give out. The industry likes to be associated with odd-ball event that gain attention. And T.I. is that and more. Once we have the dates set in stone, I am going to flood industry insiders e-mail boxes with an event that will make their heads spin.

    In the afternoon it was off to work. Not much goiing on in a bike/ski shop in Iowa in October. Too cold to ride, no snow to ski. So what do we do? Strip apart an old schwinn tandem and start to restore it. Lots of cleaning and inhailing of fumes. There is only so much of that a person can take. Thank God the phone rang....

    ...On the phone was Boris. Who is Boris? Boris is the mastermind behind the E100 Series in Park City, UT. I heard of Boris at Interbike from my ELETE booth partner Gardie Jackson. Well, yeasterday, Boris called me at work and we talked about his races and some other items related to endurance racing. Super nice guy. I was thinking of his 12 hour race in June. We'll just have to see how the season pans out for 2006.

    The rest of the evening was slow. I am not even sure why we stay open past 6 PM. Once the sun goes down, the last thing people in Iowa think of is riding a bike...little own leaving the house. So at 8 PM when we closed I headed home via foot power. I swung by Hy-Vee to grab some of the importants: milk, bananas, and THESE. These soup mixes rock! Good for ya, and easy to cook up! I had a very deep conversation with the high school age clerk about them that almost led to finding out who really killed JFK. It went something like this...

    Clerk: Are these good?
    Me: Oh yeah.
    Clerk: Looks like ramen noodles.
    Me: Close, but better for ya.
    Clerk: What's so special about these versus Ramen?
    Me: These won't kill you like Ramen will if you eat lots of it.
    Clerk: Ramen will kill you? [insert puzzled look here]
    Me: Yep [insert evil smile here]

    It was at that point I want to break down into a nutritional nazi and try to help this guy understand how to read that white label on the back of the package. But, I took my change and walked home.

    Once at home I found the couch and watched the greatest movie known to man. The movie whom I model my life after. The movie that makes me get out of bed every day. That movie would be Rambo: First Blood.

    One final note:
    I would so get hurt doing this.

    There is talk of a T.I. like event to go down in May of 2006. Guitar Ted sort of spills the beans.