• Monday, Monday, Monday

    So, my entire weekend was ruined by this stupid cold. Nothing but sitting around drinking OJ, green tea, and some soup here and there. I ended up going to work on Sunday which was a wise decision, cause after about an hour there I started to feel a bit better. Now, as I type this I can breathe out my nose and have some energy. I still feel a bit weird, so I will take it easy for a while longer and hopefully get rid of the sickness 100%. I have been off the bike since Tuesday. I am such a lazy bum. I really, really need to get out and ride.

    I was sent a teaser of some of the pictures taken at the Japan 24 hour race from early October. The rest of the pictures are coming via CD. Here are the 2 pictures that were sent.

    The podium interview. Note to self: Learn Japanese.

    Playing in the woods. This is me heading out for another lap early in the race. The reason I say this is early in the race, is because I am not covered in mud yet. Also, I like this picture. So much so, that I made it into a new header.

    This weekend while I was stuck in the apartment with the sickness, I took the time to get all "grunge" on the Trans Iowa V.2 header. I like. If you look really close at the picture you can see gravel blowing across the road, and a few farm animals blowing around in the back ground. Well...not really, but geez it was freek'n windy last year. Maybe if we are luckey it will rain this year. [insert thumbs down here]

    The rest of my Monday will be pretty low key. Design work followed by at evening at Europa Cycle and Ski. Good times! I was over at JY's site and he mentioned two very important numbers on his Monday post...6 and12. What does he have up his sleeve? Check it out!