• Wahoo! Back Online.

    It's a done deal. The cable internet is hooked up and flowing sup'a fast. Also spent waaaaaaaay too much time setting up a wireless router, so my sister and other roomy can surf from their rooms...the bathroom....middle of the street....etc, etc, etc. After a few hours of cursing, calling the local Mac store, and more cursing, I finally got it running. I am not a computer geek, unlike the guy at the computer store rattling off these computer codes like I can rattle off Dura-Ace cassette ratios. Since I got this fast connection I was able to update the software for my Mac OS X operating system. Sweet!

    Training is still on track. Did 50 miles yesterday at a TT pace. My legs felt really good today, so after the router hook up I went out and did some hill work, followed by the group ride. There was only 3 of us tonight. Nothing really hard since the group was a mixed bag of talent...and it's a group ride. No reason to leave anyone out in the boonies. Overall, It was some time to work on leg speed.

    On the racing side of things...
    Things got turned upside down yesterday. One minute I was planning on 24 Hours of Moab. The next minute I am looking into getting a passport, and a way to fly 2 bikes and gear to this location for a 24 hour race on Oct. 8. Wow! What a interesting last few days. Nothing is set yet, but I will keep everyone posted.

    Time to surf in high speed.