• Planning...and beyond.

    Until mid-October I will be run'n and gun'n. Next weekend is the Rapture in Misery down by Kansas City....maybe. I am not sure if I am going to go or not right now. The reason I say this is cause I was recently offered a trip to Japan to race in one of the larger 24 hour event in that part of the World. Missouri...Japan. Missouri...Japan. Hmmmmm. I think Japan sounds good. I want to make sure that I am fresh for a chance to stand on the podium.

    In other international travel news...My teammate, Sloane, will be taking a trip to Italy in May of 2006 to rage at a HUGE 24 hour event and pimp the Double and Triple Shot lights. Sweet!

    I have been looking into some details on how to get gear to Japan in one piece...plus my gear...and now, a passport. Thule I see makes a bike box that looks to be a nice investment. Anyone have one of these? How are they? Not worth the money? The great Solo Goat and Monkeytron say to get one of these. Cool. Can't EP one though like I can from Thule. Ahhhhhh, the madness

    Speaking of up coming races. I just got my hands on 3 jugs of Hammer Gel. I got my fav's....Raspberry, Apple, and Espresssssso. Me likey. I should have enough other nutitional product for the rest of the year. Which I might add, ends at the end of October.

    Also have Interbike coming up in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait. Bikes, Vegas, bikes, SRAM girls, Monkeytron, and a chance to say thanks to my sponsors in person. I'll spend most of my time at the ELETE booth, but also might be spotted at Giant, Cateye, Ergon, and the slot machines.

    Oooooooo! We have a Tour highlight DVD running here at the shop. Lance just smacked his man sausage off the top tube of his Madone after hooking his bar on the fans feed bag. Nice.

    For the rest of the weekend I will be here at work. Might try to get to Camp Ingawanis on the mtb on Sunday morning or ride down to Dysart on the road bike. Any takers?

    Time to actually work.