• A fast one.

    I am at work.

    I did 50 miles on the road bike this AM.

    It was all intensity.

    One huge 50 mile TT

    Ouch! It burns! Oooooooo.

    My legs felt really good.

    Can't wait for the Rapture in Misery 12 hour next weekend.

    InterBike is the weekend after that.

    I am go'n to hunt down the 'Goat and get his autograph at InterBike

    Hope to attend the launch of the Giant Anthem at InterBike

    I like rocks

    Might do the 24 Hours of Moab.

    Might also become a world traveling endurance racer...stay tuned.

    We got our cable hooked up yesterday.

    We have 500+ channels....can you say Endurance cyclist turned endurance TV watcher?

    I will have internet tomorrow in the new apartment after 1 pm.

    My last few posts have been worthless.

    Good luck to those racing in the She-wam-a-gone race up in northern WI.

    Time to get back to work.

    Normal blogging and e-mail coming tomorrow.