• Random-onium

    Got a whole bunch of stuff to chit-chat about.

    As seen in yesterday's post, I was not recovered. Well, the easy day paid off well, as my legs felt great. I headed out this AM for some dirt intervals thru the single track thru George Wyth. 5 minutes of all out effort followed by 2 minutes recovery. This lasted for about 90 minutes. After that it was back to Europa Cycle and Ski to put some bikes together and help out the folks walking thru the door. It was at work, that I check my e-mail and got this great news to share with all you enduro freaks.

    Here is the e-mail...

    Hey All-

    A few years ago we long-distance racer types all got together at Interbike and brainstormed a few new races over dinner. The following season was one of the better ones in my memory, as we got to actually execute a few of those races and we had a lot of fun doing it.

    I'd love to get together and do it again next week.

    Anyone that's going to be at Interbike, let's meet for dinner on Wednesday night to talk racing '06. Be forewarned, once again we're talking about anything that doesn't involve going in circles for a day.

    So let's meet on Wednesday night, at 6pm, at "Todai". It's an all-you-can-eat sushi bar at the Aladdin. I'll make sure to get there a few minutes early to reserve a big table. At worst we'll have a good meal, but at best we can plot a new event or two to keep racing interesting. I've got a few new ideas and I'm hoping to resurrect an old, brutally difficult and somewhat diabolical idea.

    Hope to see you there.
    Mike Curiak

    Sweet! I am planning on it. Nothing like sitting around shooting the s**t with a bunch of the best enduro freaks on the planet. This will be a great time to discuss Trans-Iowa. So, pretty much anyone can show up. If you are going to be in Vegas and are into riding/racing your bike for insane lengths of time...show up to Todai in the Aladdin on Wed nite at 6 PM. Oh yeah...and if you see a dirty man who looks like he just crawled out of the dust bin, it's ultra bike riding freak Steve Fassbinder. Nice guy!

    I leave for Vegas on Tuesday AM at 8. I fly from Cedar Rapids....to Chicago....to Vegas. It's like a 4 hour flight, but with the connections it comes out to more like 7 hours. I guess it beats driving.

    That is pretty much it. I have weekend shift at the shop, so most riding will take place Saturday night and Sunday morning. Thinking of hitting up the Greenbelt after work on Saturday and riding up to Ingawanis on Sunday. Any locals care to join?

    Time for some design work. Then I am watching Kill Bill vol. 2.