• What'a Saturday.

    What'a gloomy day. I don't think I saw the sun once. I was at the shop all day, so it was good it rain'd all freek'n day in my opinion. It was kind of a bummer, cause there was 2 fund-raising rides happening. One a bar crawl...one not. The one Europa put on was cancelled. That's a pain, cause a lot of work was done by some of our crew. There is always next year.

    Speaking of the bar crawl ride...
    I had a couple come into the shop after buying a 20 in. bmx bike and a Roadmaster from the Goodwill next door. They said they forgot their bikes at home for todays ride. Ah. Yeah. Riiiiiiiight. So the guy asked if I would air up his tires so they could continue the ride. I did. They headed out the door on 2 shady bikes...I wouldn't have ridden them. Without helmets. And the smell of booze on their breath. Brilliant!

    Do to the weather, work was slow. Slow like bad legs in a 24 hour race. It did stop raining around 3:00 and we started to pick up. Sold some Ergon grips and handed out some ELETE to this swell couple that came in and said they read the blog. That is cool.

    The Customer of The Day Award goes to the guy who was from Seattle...so he says. He was bitch'n cause we didn't have rain gear. I told him this is the first day it's rained in like 4 months and most people here don't ride int he rain. He was still in a pissy mood. He then wanted a carbon fork for his Trek touring bike cause he said the ride was harsh under load. He then goes on to tell me he is riding 700 x 23's on his touring bike. Brilliant! I show him the C-Dale touring bikes we had in stock and their tires (700 x 38's). I tell him that these are what he should have and that it would give him better flat protection and comfort. He looked at me like I was on crack. Then he catches the Tour tape running off in the corner and tells me and A. Lo how he spins 80 RPM and that his legs are huge...like Lance. Then to top it off, he pulls up his short legs to his nether-regions and flexes his thighs and claf muscles. I sat their speechless. Oh, boy. That is all on that piece of work.

    After work it was home to eat some grub for the mnt bike ride tomorrow AM. We are heading up to Ingawanis from Cup of Joe at 7:30. Unless it is pouring rain, I'll be there.

    Next up was a trip to Wal-Mart at the worst possible time. I had to grab some grub for the flight to Vegas and some other items for here at the apartment. Mostly just a lot of this in the Chocolate flavor-flav which I am addicted to in the worst way. I bet I eat 3-4 of these a day. After the yogurt I had to grab bread. The bad part about the bread is that it is in between the processes frozen beef products and the Little Debbie Snacks. So I had to squeeze my way through all these large people wearing NASCAR t-shirts, sweatpants, and bunny slippers. Not a good time. I got out alive....but barely!

    Tomorrow is ride followed by work. Then.....to Vegas baby on Tuesday AM!!!