• Listen.

    "Listen" is an important word in sports. As in...Listen to your body. It will tell you things. Last night I didn't sleep all that well. I was toss'n and turn'n. Plus, throw in the fact that we where have some crazy humidity going down. So, I was pretty much sleeping in my own body swamp. Yuck! I am sure i am not 100% recovered from Tuesdays effort. And at this time of year, listening to your body is super important. So today, all I did for a ride was 1 hour of easy spinning at a sub-120 HR. I feel pretty good now. There will be no group ride for me tonight. I am going to plan on rage'n tomorrow morning if my legs feel a bit more spunky. My words of advice today: Train Hard. Rest Even Harder.

    As from seen on the post below, yesterday was also an easy day on the bike. Must not have been easy enough though. After yesterdays ride I got back home and ran up to Hy-Vee and scored some bananas and $1 Power Bars. I had some time to kill so I sat on the floor and did some stretching while watching Kill Bill. Yeah, that movie made me want to go out and do some crazy Kung-Fu. So much so, that I did at work. It was good times.

    Yesterday, my Thule bike boxes showed up also. Some minor assembly is needed to get the wheels on the dang things. So sometime tomorrow that will get done.

    Other than that, the next few days will be spent getting things dialed in for Interbike, Japan, and working on some team kits. Right now I am managing my time between the following: Training, working at Europa, designing 4 team kits, and travel. I am a busy person.

    Speaking of Europa. Carl sat down and got all creative on the Europa Cycle and Ski website. That's great, cause it was long over due.

    Ok, it's time to ultra cool and hip. I need to do laundry.