• Doing what it takes

    T-minus 2 months until Sonya and I leave for Nepal.  Plane tickets are in hand, so this is as real as it gets now! It feels weird trying to 'peak' for a 10-day race in March....especially when those you train with are just getting on the bike to start preparing for 2012. The past week or so, I have been without a road bike. Why you ask? Well I had the brilliant idea to go train in a High Wind Warning. Why not. I race in the wind, so why not train in it. Well, that day while rolling north, a huge tumbleweed flew out of the ditch and straight into my rear wheel. This sheered off the rear derailleur hanger and shattered the SRAM Force derailleur. So, now I wait for a new hanger to arrive from Germany. While not a huge deal, I am relegated to the mtb for training.....on and off road.

    Rist Canyon - Jan 5, 2012Earlier in the week did a lot of Zone 3 tempos up the canyons with the warm weather. Can't beat riding to 8,000 ft in shorts in January with temps pushing 65F!

    Foothills Trails - Jan. 6, 2012A majority of the snow is gone, but trails are still wet for the most part. What is dry I got out on later in the week. Trails behind the house are rolling good now. A few days of dry weather and everything should be good!

    Saturday was the Oval Ride. With no road bike, I was unsure how productive the ride would be. I just wanted to merely survive 2 hours if possible. To my surprise I was feeling good. Legs snappy. Was able to get the whole ride in and not loose contact with the group until after Carter Lake. The downhills and tailwinds were the worse. Being under-geared requires some stupid leg speed. I took the new Epic Cam HD 1080 out for the ride. Check it....

    Today's ride (Sunday) was a flop. It's amazing how a hard 4 hr effort the day prior can leave one virtually functionless at their favorite hobby/sport. A 4 hour ride was basically a 2 hour slog through the foothills. Still can't complain! A bad day on the bike is still better than not being able to ride at all. All you need to do is open your eyes and look around!

    Horsetooth Mountain Park - Fort Collins