• New Year on red rock

    Can't complain one bit about ringing in the New Year this year! With lower than average snowfall across most of the mountain states....as well as a warming weather trend....the decision to head west to Moab was made! A majority of the trails in Moab are riding very well right now. Only exception is Porcupine Rim, which sits higher in elevation and is mostly north facing. Snow covers the trail.

    On Friday riding friend KJ and I packed up the van and headed west. Plan was to spend 2 days spinning Moab trails....4-5 hours each day....pretty chill pace. Was a good little vacation on the bike to ride some dirt with no focus on super structured training.

    Day 1 was spent on Amasa Back and Pipe Dream. We, virtually had both trails to ourselves only bumping into a few other riders. For KJ, this would be her first trip to ride in Moab! Can't complain when the trails are perfect and there is not a cloud in the sky. Temps also ran in the low 50Fs.

    New Years Moab Training Camp: Day 1KJ, on a borrowed HT Niner, riding the upper parts of Amasa Back.

    New Years Moab Training Camp: Day 1One of the best views in Moab, the Amasa Back overlook! Wow!

    New Years Moab Training Camp: Day 1I think we both could have sat here all day!

    After Amasa Back it was a quick spin around a big chunk of Moab rock to Pipe Dream. Here is a quick raw clip from the cliff side trail.

    Day 2 was spent on the MOAB Brand Trails and Sovereign Trail. A lot of chunk. A lot. Rough for sure on a HT.

    2012 New Years Moab Training Camp: Day 2

    2012 New Years Moab Training Camp: Day 2

    Quick video to show what Sovereign Trail is like...

    Overall, it was a good 2 days on the bike. Moab, was a ghost town for sure. Most places closed down for the season. Did find a gem of a sushi place in Moab. Yes, a sushi place. In the Utah desert. If you're ever in town, check out Sabaku Sushi