• Brasil Ride Stage Race - Ready for round 2

    Sonya and Jeff - Brasil Ride prepFlights are book. Travel health insurance is acquired. Currency is exchanged. Heading out on Friday for a 10 day trip to Bahia, Brazil for the second running of the Brasil Ride Stage Race. Can't complain one bit about last year, it was a fantastic trip with some race drama and bike issues. Hoping to repeat that, minus the drama and broken bike parts.  We finished 3rd last year.  Can we take the overall this year?  Hoping so.  We are capable, but we also have to race against some very skilled and talented riders from all over the World.

    This year we are just as....if not better prepared.  Last year the event was 6 days.  This year it gains another day, to make it a full 7 days.  The weather last year?  Biblical.  Rain....heavy rain every single day.  Bikes were destroyed.  Rain is not the norm.  This year, hoping for dry weather.  But with dry weather comes tropical heat.  Hot.  Humid.  Personally, I would take hot over pouring rain.  Weather is looking 'iffy'

    Mucuge weather. 

    Rio De Contas weather

    Stage break-down looks like this......
    Stage 1 (Prologue): 8 mi.
    Stage 2: 90 mi.
    Stage 3 (XC format): 21 mi.
    Stage 4: 50 mi.
    Stage 5: 60 mi.
    Stage 6: 80 mi. 
    Stage 7: 66 mi.
    Full stage details located here.

    2011 Brasil Ride Stage RaceBike for this year will be similar to last. 26er full-suspension. There are a lot of dirt roads....but there is also a lot of chunky trail, ie: Moab style. Said dirt roads we'll race on in Brazil in most cases don't even classify as 'roads' here in the USA. Doesn't take long to get beat-up on the Brasil Ride terrain.  So, with the bikes we get to choose from here in the USA, the Canyon Lux MR is the best choice.  It is a good mix of speed, comfort, and efficiency.  Close-up bike pictures here.

    Update over the week will come via Twitter and Facebook as access allows.  Keep in mind, the event is very remote, so updates will likely be few and far between.  Plus, I refuse to pay the stupid amounts of $$$ to get my phone to work in Brazil.  Cyclingnews.com, Brasil Ride, and similar sites should have results.