• Motorpacing on the mountainbike

    Say what? More of a drool control and survival session more than anything for me on my mtb. Sonya is working with FasCat Coaching out of Boulder, CO this year. In prep for the Brasil Ride Stage Race in a few weeks she is doing some motorpacing on her road bike. Thought it would be cool to tag along and get some cam footage, so I thought. I knew showing up on my mtb would be a good test. It was basically a 50/50 shot as to whether or not I could hang onto the pace and speeds that would be seen over the course of this 1 hour workout. The short of it was I was good up to about 30 mph. Anything sustained above that had me spinning out on my SRAM XX. So, smack in the middle of the ride we were going down the road at 35 mph. Yes, 35 mph. I know that for a fact, as the number is burned into my head as I sat on the tip of my saddle trying to spin at like 120 rpm staring down at my Garmin 500. Needless to say, I popped. It was expected, but wasn't sure when. Sonya continued on her session with her session, and I followed the route back on my mtb. Below is a video from the day.