• Best of 2010

    'Tis the season. Been doing this for the past few years.....so, here it is. The random 'best of' for the 2010 riding and racing year.

    Best New Race/Ride I Took Part In: Colorado Trail Race
    CTR is mtbing in its purest form: No support, No entry fee, No sanctioning body, No course tape, etc. Whether you tour it or time trial it, the suffering, views, and experience are unlike anything I have experienced on a bicycle.  I have become obsessed.  I'll be back in 2011.

    Best Race Day on the Bike: Vapor Trail 125
    The training for CTR, the fitness gained at the Breck-Epic Stage Race, and race course knowledge set me up perfectly to ride well at this 125 mile race.  Healthy competition, great weather, and good equipment helped me to take the race victory and set a new course record.

    Best Colorado Race I Didn't Race: Breck 100
    The toughest 100 mile event in the USA? Maybe. I'd put my money on it.

    Best Road Trip: Claro Brasil Ride
    Spending over 10 days traveling and racing in Brasil with Sonya Looney in mid-November was awesome.  Unlike anything here in the USA.  Great people, course, and culture give this the nod for the best road trip of the year.

    Best New Product: SRAM XX
    It is the future not only for XC but also for general all-mountain riding.  10 speed is here to stay.  Embrace it.  I did a full review here.

    Best Adventure Riding Weekend: 2 Day CTR Training Ride
    It was an adventure ride as much as it was a training ride.  Load up the bike and set out for 2 days on the bike with everything I need to survive.

    Best Picture I Took:
    Jones Pass
    This one is always hard. My criteria is location, composition, and the story that goes along with it.  So, I picked this pic of Sonya up on Jones Pass.  Image sums up the day!

    Best Picture Someone took of Me:
    Jeff Kerkove - F50 2010
    Totally random pic that Fred Grinnan snapped on the last lap of this years Marathon National Championships up in Breckenridge, CO.

    Best Time Suck of 2010: Facebook and Twitter

    Best 1/2 Day Ride: Jones Pass
    Jones Pass sits just SW of Winter Park, CO.  Check the photos and video!

    Best Day Dreaming Subject: Colorado Trail Race 2011 
    Can't stop thinking about it. That is why I am going all in again for 2011. 500 miles and self supported. What is not to like?

    Best non-bike moment: Hiking Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft) the day after the Breck 68

    And there you have it!