• Descending into the new year

    Fact:  This will be the last dry ride outside for 2010 here in Fort Collins.  I spent the last 10 days in Iowa for x-mas and was stuck on the trainer during that time.  I got home yesterday, and was able to get out today for the 2.5 hour mtb ride.  The plus: it was 53F outside!  The bad news?  Tomorrow we get 6-8 inches of snow...and temps drop to the teens for a few days.  Looks like more trainer rides for a few days are on tap.  Shouldn't complain, it is almost January and we are yet to get any major snow.

    Here is today's ride video.  Was messing with some different EPIC cam camera locations.  All the video I shot today had the camera mounted under the nose of the saddle.  I like the view....just wish my legs would never pop into the shot.