• Le Singletrack Tour

    Legs were sluggish all week. Last weekends near 12 hour weekend of training put a dent in the recovery process. So, the rides were short last week....as was the intensity. Yesterday (Saturday) I did not ride as I was in Denver all day for a very chaotic Veloswap. When I say chaotic, I mean busy, busy, busy. Check out all the people!

    2010 VeloswapCrazy madness!!!!

    Today I headed out with the goal of 4.5 hours hard. But if the legs sucked in the first 1.5 hours I would cut it short. Thankfully, the legs wanted to go, go, go! So, it was a singletrack tour of most of the singletrack near Fort Collins.

    Blue Sky TrailStarted things off right with an out-n-back on Blue Sky and Indian Summer.

    Meh, flat tire.  Don't do this very often any more.Damn it! Flat tire. Doesn't happen much anymore with the Stan's tubeless set up. When it does, I have to dig deep into my melon to figure out how to change a flat with a tube. Gasp! I fixed the flat....rode back into town....put sealant in a new tire....then hit the foothills trails.

    Lory State ParkAfter the foothills trails it was a big loop around Lory State Park.

    Horsetooth Mountain ParkClimbing out of Lory State Park on a trail I should have only ridden down got me onto some suh-weet trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park.

    Horsetooth Mountain ParkTime to head back down to civilization!

    Post ride recovery brew4.5 hours later back at the house with a recovery drink going down the hatch. It is a mix of OJ, water, FRS, and PoweBar Recovery. Shake. Shake. Shake. Then consume.