• It's all training

    We have been in a vortex of wind the last few days. If you are reading this in the Midwest and East Coast....you are probably getting what wind we had the last few days. Even with the light snow and rain that came with the wind, the trails dried out nicely! Tuesday, was a good late afternoon on the mtb. The first 2.5 hours were spent doing a hard tempo through Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park. After than I swung past the house, refilled bottles, then headed to New Belgium Brewery to take on the weekly CX training race.

    NBCX Mens/Womens A race getting readyWhen I pulled up, the Mens/Womens A race was getting ready to start. Lots of people showed up for the final race in the weekly series.

    CX sillyness!At 5:30, the Open race started! Great course was laid out for the 30 minute race....perfect for a mtb. 30 minutes, what?!?! Talk about shock to the system...which is honed to race for 7+ hours at a time!

    NBCXChasing....and being chased.

    NBCXSand spider!

    New Belgium CX Race HR dataIn this day and age, this is about as hard as my 32 year old heart will beat..:)

    Overall, it was a great way to wrap up the evening. Only downfall is it took a while for my body to relax enough to fall asleep.