• Continental X-King has landed!

    Continental X-KingJust got these straight from Germany for the USA based Topeak-Ergon riders. This is a new tire that the Europe team has been collaborating with Continental on to bring to the public.

    Continental X-KingThe tires that were sent are 2.2 and 2.4 width. They are also all Protection. I love the new all black Protection tires....as well as the new graphics.

    Continental X-King
    Tread pattern looks good for the loose and dry terrain here in Colorado. I know the tire does well in damp and moist conditions as well, as the Europe based riders have been using it in such conditions.

    Continental X-KingHere are the tires mounted up to DT Swiss 1450's with tubes for size comparison. The left tire/wheel is the 2.4....the right tire/wheel is the 2.2. The X-King 2.4 is very similar in footprint and casing size to the current Race King 2.2.  The X-King 2.2 is just a little bit narrower....but not that much...similar to the current Mountain King 2.2.  I just added the X-King 2.4 to my Colorado Trail Race bike.....replacing the Mountain King 2.2. I can say that these new tires from Continental do inflate and Stan's out very easily....which is important to the Topeak-Ergon riders here in the USA.

    What are the weights?  I don't know...as I do not have a digital scale.  In my hand, these Protection tires feel lighter than the current.

    29er version?  Yes....that is all I know.

    Availability to the general riding public?  My reliable source says late Fall 2010...sometime after Eurobike and Interbike.

    Testing and on-trail thoughts to come in the next 4-7 days.