• Mt Elbert: 14,433 ft

    What better way to cap off a successful weekend on the bike than hiking the highest peak in Colorado, Mt Elbert: 14,433 ft!

    Mt Elbert: 14,433 ftSonya Looney joined me for this roughly 5.5 hour round trip trek up to 14,433 ft.

    Mt Elbert: 14,433 ftStarting at roughly 10,200 ft....would would see all the different 'environments' of the the Colorado high country.

    Mt ElbertMt Elbert....turn right.

    Mt Elbert"Where is the top?"

    Mt ElbertTypical 14er terrain....chunky.

    Mt Elbert
    Still pushing up, with Leadville way in the background.

    Mt Elbert
    Getting above 13,000 ft....the point where nothing grows.

    Mt ElbertThe summit....and we shared the summit with about 10-15 other hikers.

    Mt Elbert: 14,433 ftSonya taking in the views...just off the summit.

    360 view from the summit of Mt Elbert at 14,433 ft above sea level.

    All the images are here.