• When the bottom falls out.

    Take it while you can.  The last 3 days it has been sunny and over 60F degrees!  Love it!  But, March is the snowiest month in Colorado and tonight we going into a Winter Storm Warning.  They are talking lots of wind and 3-10 inches of snow.  I am hoping the weather lady is way off on this one.

    Windy and flatI got out there today for another interval session that lasted 2.5 hours. Friday is a recovery or "off" day from the bike. Good timing, as mother nature is going to bitch slap us in the face.

    Windy and flatBrown and kind'a green will be replaced with white....as clouds push over the mountains.  Looks like 2 days of crappy weather..then back to the 60F's.  Just in time for the trip to Arkansas.

    I leave you with the theme for this years race season....and words to live by.
    The theme for the 2010 season.