• Sun!

    Blue skies!I can say, that while I was in Seattle for work, I saw the sun break through the clouds for a total of about 1 hour over the span of 5 days.  It was great to be back on the bike...and in Colorado for a blue bird day.  Temps in the high 60F's made for a fantastic bike session.  Lets see here.  Lets count the clouds today.  One.  Two.  Yep, two....and a full day of sunshine. Fantastic!

    Great Spring day!Arm warmers...leave them at home.  Leg and knee warmers....leave those at home as well.  The workouts over the next week and a half are all focused on the Ouachita Challenge.  The OC race is a great event utilizing, in my mind, one of the best trail systems in the southern USA.  60+ mile race, and about 80% of it is on rocky shoulder wide singletrack.  I am hoping now, that I can get on some dirt here in CO before the event.  Trails are dry...or getting dry.  But the long term forecast is looking more like winter.  Boo!