• What are you taking on the Colorado Trail Race?

    The question as asked via the comments in the post below:

    I am curious what you are bringing on the Colorado Trail Race and how much weight you think you will be adding? What's your idea on how long it will take you?

    This a good question...as well as complex. First off, what is the Colorado Trail Race? It is a 480+ mile non-stop mtb time trial from Denver to Durango. No entry fee. No support of any kind. No nothing. You start...you finish....you survive.....hopefully. I decided to toe the start line for this event in 2010 after I found the personal need for a new challenge. I wanted something more difficult than a 24 hr solo race.....a mtb stage race.....a 100 mile mtb race.

    Colorado Trail via Google Earth

    As I sit here in early January (-6F outside!), a lot of thoughts have gone down on paper. There has also been a lot of research done via many ultralight backpacking websites as well as a site like bikepacking.net. Ultimately, the final decision of what I am taking will result after some testing and trial runs. Here is what I have down on paper so far.....


    - Rotwild R.R2 Carbon FS
    - Magura Durin Marathon
    - DT Swiss custom build wheels specifically for this event (26er)
    - Continental Mountain King 2.2 Protection

    - Bike shorts – Team bib shorts
    - Jersey – Team SS Jersey
    - Base Layer – Craft sleeveless
    - Gloves (warm) – Ergon Short finger
    - Gloves (cold/wet) – Endura or Gore
    - Helmet – Cratoni Team Issue
    - Socks - Swiftwick Merino
    - Shoes – Northwave Touring
    - Cycling cap – Team Issue Buff
    - Sunglasses – Adidas Supernova’s (2 sets lenses)

    - Bikepack - Epic Designs
    - Backpack – Ergon BC2 (Drilled out? Straps cut down?)
    - Arm warmers – Team Issue
    - Leg warmers – Team Issue
    - Wind shell jacket – Team Issue
    - Rain pants – GoLite Rain Pants (Montbell?)
    - Rain jacket – Montbell Outpace parka
    - Down jacket - MontBell UL Inner Jacket 7.3oz
    - Down pants – MontBell UL Down Inner Pants 6.8oz
    - Water bottle - TBA
    - Water Filter - MSR or Katadyn
    - Water bladder – 100 oz Ergon/Hydrapak bladder
    - Tarp/Bivy Shelter - ???????
    - Sleeping bag - MontBell UL Super Stretch Down Hugger
    - Sleeping pad - TBA
    - Head lamp – (2 or 3) Princeton Tec EOS Bike...Other?
    - Batteries – (?????) Lithium AA

    Tool Kit
    - Topeak Mini Tool
    - Topeak Carbon MTB Pump
    - Spare Crank Bros. Cleats and bolts
    - Patch kit for tire and tube
    - Spare derailluer hanger
    - (2) chain links
    - (2)Spare spokes
    - Chain lube (wet) in micro dropper bottle
    - Plastic tire lever
    - Tubes - (2) Standard Conti Tubes
    - Multi tool - Leatherman Juice S2 - w/pliers, knife, & scissors - 4.4oz
    - Fire Starting Kit
    - Toothbrush - Colgate Wisp mini brush
    - Toiletry kit - 1" camp roll toilet paper

    - Medical Kit – Adventure Medical Kit
    - Benadryl for bee stings
    - Ibuprofen

    Repair Kit / Emergency Kit
    - (4) large zip ties
    - (4) small zip ties
    - (4) safety pins
    - (1) application of Krazy Glue
    - Duct tape
    - (6) Purification water

    Misc. Items
    - Camera kit – Digital Camera & Flip Cam
    - Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx GPS
    - SPOT personal locator
    - Sunscreen - TBA
    - Lip balm - TBA
    - Chamois cream – Chamois Butt’r
    - Bug repellent - 100% DEET (or similar repellent) in micro dropper bottle - 0.3oz
    - Waterproof Storage – (4) 5x4 Aloksak, (1) 4.5x7 Aloksak
    - Purchase Power – Cash ($1 and $5) and credit card

    - ELETE dropper bottle
    - More TBA

    There. With that said and done....let the addition and subtraction begin. Shelter and sleeping items can change in a heartbeat. All depends on how comfy I need to be. Clothing items can also be added....or taken away. Long term forecast will dictate what clothing should go...and what should stay. Still much time to make a final race set up.

    Next question is....How much weight? Well, the goal is to get as much weight off my body/back and on the bike...hence the reason for the Epic Design frame bags. With my bike and final total equipment I am hoping to be at 45-50 lbs range. This is minus food and water.

    Finally....How long will it take? My goal is 4-5 days....about 110 miles a day. Off course this is with a perfect race......perfect weather....and perfect execution. Is it obtainable? Yes, it was proved last year when a new course record of 4 days 3 hours 20 minutes was set.

    Let the obsessing begin!